Preparing Your Article for Submission

Please read the following information carefully to ensure that the review and publication of your paper is as efficient and quick as possible. The editorial team reserves the right to return articles that have not been submitted in accordance with these instructions.

Before uploading your article, please review the following:



Articles should be divided into clearly defined sections similar to the following: 


Please do not list authors or include author information in the copy of the article you intend to upload. Journal of Gastric Surgery’s peer review is conducted as a double blind process and the uploaded copy will be made available to the Reviewers. Authors and their information are added after uploading.


File Formats

Article: .doc/.docx files are our preferred file type to be submitted as a single file. PDF’s are not acceptable for submission.

Images: should be high quality (.JPG) images (at least 150 dpi, 300 dpi if possible). All photographs and continuous tones should be at least 300 dpi (dots per inch), illustrations and line art should be at least 1200 dpi.

Figures and Tables: can be images or Word files.

Please make sure to clearly name all images, figures, and tables and to refer to them in the content of your article.

Once you have prepared your article according to the information provided above please review the submission process.