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Surgery and technological innovation have begun to move at the speed of light, with innovations and discoveries such as virtual reality, robotic systems, navigation surgery, and 5G networks radically revolutionizing the surgical world as well as the medical world in general, bringing significant benefits for healthcare professionals and patients alike. Technology will increasingly be a crucial element in surgical and medical development. This new therapeutic approach aims to enhance human–computer interaction by putting a new “patient” figure at its center. Multiple studies will be needed to demonstrate new advanced technological systems’ noninferiority to traditional patient approaches. Scientific societies, hospitals, and healthcare professionals cannot be found ill prepared for this revolution.


telesurgery 5G 3D printing immersive surgery augmented reality

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Di Nardo, D., Eberspacher, C., & Palazzini, G. (2020). Technology spreading in healthcare: a novel era in medicine and surgery?. Journal of Gastric Surgery, 2(2), 45–48.


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