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Establish protocols to enhance the surgical management (ERAS) can improve outcomes, shortening hospital stay and save resources. Several studies have carried out for colorectal surgery, while a lack of evidence for gastrectomy remains.This study aims to evaluate the impact of ERAS strategies in a large series of patients underwent gastric cancer surgery.
This is a propensity score-matched case-control study, comparing an ERAS group with a control group. Data were recorded through a tailored and protected web-based system. Primary outcomes: hospital stay, complications rate. Among the secondary outcomes, there are: POD of mobilization, POD of starting liquid diet and soft solid diet.
Patients in the ERAS and control groups were 1:1 matched by the closest propensity score on the logit scale and with a Caliber = 0.2. The successful matching resulted in a total sample of 440 patients. The two groups showed no differences in all baseline patients characteristics, type of surgery (P=0.31) and stage of the disease (P=0.61). A benefit in favor of the ERAS management was found in the length of hospital stay (P=0.0004) and complications rate (P=0.001).
An ERAS program can safely be established in referral centers for gastric cancer, enabling to significantly improve the main clinical outcomes.


ERAS Enhanced Recovery After Surgery gastric cancer gastric surgery gastrectomy

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Giovanardi, F., Falbo, F., Celano, C., Casella, M., & Palisi, M. (2020). The effect of ERAS management in gastric cancer: assessment from the IMIGASTRIC study. Journal of Gastric Surgery, 2(4), 118–122.


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