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The following text shows the terms of a protocol for cooperation recently signed between the Department of Digestive Surgery - St. Mary’s Hospital (Terni, Italy; hereinafter “SMH”), the Department of Surgical Sciences - “La Sapienza” University (Rome, Italy; hereinafter “SUR”) and the Department of Gastric Surgery - Fujian Medical University Union Hospital (Fuzhou, Fujian Province, PRC; hereinafter “FMU”).


gastric cancer protocol for cooperation international gastric cancer unit IMIGASTRIC IGCU

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Parisi, A., Huang, C.-M., Lin, J.-X., Desiderio, J., Trastulli, S., Bracarda, S., & D’Andrea, V. (2020). A protocol for cooperation to establish an International Gastric Cancer Unit (IGCU). Journal of Gastric Surgery, 1(1), 2–4.

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